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Better than apple

Solid app.

Geat player

Good stuff

Great app!

Best one I have found

Cannot rate high enough!

It’s how I practice self-care, stay abreast of what’s going on in my field, listen to my friend’s projects, and more. It’s intuitive, customizable, and everything you could ever want in a Podcast app. Best there is!

Exactly what I was looking for

I was getting really frustrated with all of the Podcast apps out there that were simply too clumsy to use and too complicated to deal with. I wanted something simple and straightforward but yet reliable. So glad that I found a PodCruncher! It is deceivingly simple and yet very powerful. Don’t let easy fool you though, it has a lot of features but doesn’t allow them to complicate things. If you’re looking for a podcast player to, you know, play Podcasts then this is the one for you. It won’t do your laundry or take the garbage out but it will make listening and finding podcasts extremely easy.

Great podcast

PodCruncher was recommended to me by a friend. I haven’t really tried any other podcast app other than the one that comes on the iPhone. I like the app and it’s easy to use.

Oprah’s super soul conversations

I basically like these very much. But Oprah, as much as I love you , you talk over people and talk too much . I want to hear more from the interesting people you are interviewing and less from you. I find you disrupt their train of thought and it stops the flow of the conversations. But, fascinating people and subjects overall, thank you for these inspiring conversations!


I love it.

This is just what Apple should have provided.

UPDATE: I still find this app to be more convenient than Apple’s native podcast player, mostly because of its useful customizable features that can be applied to all podcasts or to specific ones. I listen to news shows and like that I can speed all of them up automatically. Also, the filter features make it simple to sort and select what I want to download. My wishlist for options was added, except for videos only playing in landscape mode. But, after using this app daily for years, the only change that I’d like is to have the opening screen be the downloaded podcasts. I rarely add new podcasts, so it doesn’t make sense to open up on the subscriptions page every time. All in all, this is the app that Apple SHOULD HAVE written. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I came looking for a podcast app only after Apple destroyed its own with horrible implementation of iCloud. This app has common sense defaults, plus its customizable functions give you easy, one-screen options. I'm pleased with most of its features. Some things to improve, 1. Inability to mark multiple podcasts played or to eliminate from the download list. 2. Background playing sometimes has glitches where podcasts turn off suddenly. 3. Video casts can only be seen in landscape mode.

Better than the Apple app

Way easier to use than the Apple podcast app. The interface may not be flashy, but it gets the job done. Review by a daily podcast listener.

Top rating from podcast enthusiast

I’ve searched and paid for several podcast apps but PodCruncher is my favorite. Highly customizable settings, simple interface, and remote control settings (for those of us that listen on a long commute). Room for improvement - options menu requires several clicks before i can tag episodes (Ex - move episode to playlist, move episode to queue, etc.). But overall, still 5 Stars.


Very easy to find my podcasts and play them quickly.

Great App

Lots of settings and control over podcasts.

$2 app does what other podcasting apps can’t

this app works fine and hasn’t been updated in years; that’s exactly what i want in an app. no ads or subscription fees, and no bugs.

Good app

Solid app, The Best Easy to use best smart playlist feature.

Great for saving space on your phone!

Great app...loads fast and takes up a fraction of the space that Apple podcast app uses. Gave four stars instead of five because of one missing feature...the sleep timer needs an option to stop “when current episode ends.” Otherwise it’s perfect!


Most reliable podcast app on the market. This year will be 5 years of usage and it’s been rock solid since day one. Thank you

The best

I love this app so much!!! It's the only one that has all of the settings I love. Thank you so much for this app! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good podcast player

Excellent podcast payer. Needs to be compatible with CarPlay now.

Good App

It’s simple and easy. Leaps and bounds better than the default podcast app from Apple. Download all with a click. The only issue I’m having is when it’s playing in the background it’ll spontaneously turn off the audio. It’s starting to get mildly annoying.

New version destroys performance

I have used Podcaster for years happily. Recently I upgraded to the most recent version, and performance has fallen off a cliff. The app constantly freezes. That upgrade was the worst decision I’ve ever made. It looks as if the app’s crashing problem may have been resolved, but I wish I could go back to the old version: a crashed app can be restarted in a couple of seconds, but a frozen app is useless.

Ueseful every day, many times a day.

Never crashes. Always faithful. Podcast go-to app without exception. Thanks to the folks who make it run. So grateful!

Almost everything I want.

It's a little confusing to create a playlist. And I'd like a way to automatically add all the episodes of a podcast to a playlist. Butt there's so much right. Especially the Smart playlists that I'll accept it with 5 stars.

Great app!

I really love this app. I've tried a few podcast apps but this is the one that has stuck. I like that I can order the podcasts however I like. I also really like that there's a delete all downloaded media button so I don't have to delete episodes one by one after I listen to them.

Best podcast app

I was looking for a podcast app to binge listen to one podcast. I was able to have the app play in sequence all episodes from 2014 on. It automatically starts playing the next podcast in the sequence. I was also looking for an app that worked well with the music widget, as I get in and out of the car, pause to talk with coworkers, etc. Desired features: dedicated widget for iOS, resume playback after phonecall.

Pod Cruncher is the best of the best!

Podcast is the best of the best!!

Works great

I’ve been using PodCruncher for years. It has been reliable and stable.

Took away one star for one specific nit

When the user marks an episode aav”Played” or “Unplayed”, it would be great if the change updates the source of truth, which is the iTunes store. I have multiple devices, and is SUPER annoying that I have to do the maintainence multiple times for the same set of episodes

The best podcast app

Since all other podcast apps became too flashy and complicated, this is the best app if you just want a simple way to keep track of your podcasts. A+!


Seriously, how could Apple make such a BAD podcast app? Not even 1 star for the Apple app. This one is great.


I luv the way this app keeps all my podcasts organized and not just an incomprehensible jumble of subscriptions. It tells me how many episodes of each I have yet to listen to, gives me a list of new episodes that I've not listened to and so much more. I really really love this app!


This is the best app I have found for podcasts. It is stable, intuitive, and a joy to use!

Best podcast app

Best podcast app

Does what iTunes used to do — and does it well

PC is a is a podcast downloader and player. So far, PC accepted all free and paid podcast subscriptions attempted. Personal configuration of PC makes it work for you instead of iAgainst you. It downloads podcasts, it plays podcasts, it deletes or keeps podcasts depending upon your configuration. Highly recommend!

Best Podcast App - But One Issue

I like that it’s easy to use, straightforward, and fast. My only complaint is I wish the default when deleting downloaded episodes was to delete the media file off of the device, instead of deleting the episode. When I go back to the podcast episode it is gone. There is a way to delete just the media file, but it is not the default for swiping episodes or for selecting multiple episodes to delete. More than once I’ve had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the entire podcast to access an episode I wanted to hear again.

Good product

I like it.

Been using for years

Everything you need for free and no ads what else can you ask for? Download and/or stream all the podcast you want

Pretty good overall

I listen to 4-6 hours of podcasts a day and it doesn’t let me down. The only real issue I’ve had is that for a few podcasts it will just say “loading error” and I can’t play them when I select them. Overall it’s pretty good and I don’t regret switching from Apple’s garbage player.


r reee eeeeeE z. a red

Doesn’t download all podcasts

Got this app because I like the interface more than the Apple one. However, if you have this or get this, make sure you have your filter set on “Show all”. If you have it set to show downloaded only, you find you’re missing a lot of podcasts it just chose not to download.

Podcast's the way they should be!

This app is so much better than the base option provided by Apple. It gives you practical choices that make sense.

Sumple and easy

Just easy to use. Great app

Promising, but not quite there yet

I switched to this player because my previous one seemed to think that a couple of my podcasts had stopped getting new episodes (they hadn’t) and that a few more of them had errors that made over half the episodes fail to download. So far I’ve not seen either of these problems with this app, and that’s enough to make me switch. I do have some things that keep me from giving it four or five stars, though: • When I start listening to a smart playlist, all episodes in that playlist get added to Up Next, and it starts playing them from there. If new episodes get downloaded and appear in that smart playlist, I want them to be automatically added to Up Next. Instead, I either have to manually add each episode to Up Next, or start it over from scratch and reorder the episodes. • If you choose an episode in the middle of a smart playlist the entire playlist is added in order to Up Next, but playback starts at the chosen episode. I need the option to make Up Next jump to the first episode in its list when the current one has finished playing. Of course, this doesn’t make sense unless you also give me the option to automatically remove played episodes from Up Next (my preferred option), or the option to skip episodes in Up Next that have been played. • My main smart playlist includes a news podcast that updates hourly. The podcast itself is set to keep only the most recent unplayed episode. However, if an episode is currently in Up Next and a new one downloads, the old one remains in Up Next and will actually play when its turn comes up instead of being removed or replaced by the new one. Note that if I have started or am currently listening to an episode that would otherwise be deleted I want to be able to finish listening to it instead of having it disappear immediately. • In smart playlists, I’d like episodes that are in the download queue to be displayed and to go to Up Next when the smart playlist is started. • I desperately want priority ranking for podcasts, and for both smart playlists and Up Next to honor it. That way I can set specific podcasts to always play first (or last) when I start a smart playlist, instead of having to manually sort Up Next every time. My previous podcast player only supported two levels of priority, which is too few; the one before that had ten, which was overkill. I’d recommend splitting the difference and having five levels.

Love this app! (But...)

This is *by far* my favorite podcast app with all the features I really like. For example, one pull down from the main page refreshes all my subscriptions. And being able to continuously stream all episodes of a video podcast with no intervention (or cleanup of downloads). Absolutely love it. I’ve been trying many different podcast apps recently just to keep current on their updates and what’s out there... so frustrating, always love coming home to PodCruncher! Now with this version of the app it gets even snappier, the fonts look better, and landscape video works in iOS 11! Keep up the great work folks! iPhone X update: the only problem with this app is that the “swipe up bar” at the bottom of videos never go away! This is just annoying. And I’ve asked nicely to have this fixes a few times and the app has been updated multiple times and this issue remains. Dropping my rating to 4 stars.

Downloading is hit and miss

Gave it up after a month trying to get this app to download daily subscribed podcasts. And yes restarting the app and re subscribing didn't solve the problem. Had zero downloading issues for same subscribed podcasts with Apple's podcasts app.


It had been a great podcast app until the latest update, (April 2, 2018). It has lost all of the older podcasts, going back about 4 months (loading errors). -Adam Carolla -Stuff you should know -Tech Stuff -Dr Drew I tried another app with the same podcasts and it plays the same apps without any problems. Hope this feedback helps.


I would like it if the sleep feature could be set to turn off playback at the end of the current episode

Apple ruined podcast app

This app gives you everything you loved about the old Apple app and more!

Great program

Much better than the native app

Best Podcast App Out There. Period.

To my knowledge, I have never written an App Store review before this one. That’s how much I love this app, I felt compelled to spread the gospel. I searched and searched for a new podcast app after the Apple app became useless. With some, I couldn’t get all the podcasts I listen to. With others, I couldn’t manually arrange the list of podcasts I listen to. (That’s a critical feature for me because I don’t use playlists, I go through a daily rotation.) Podcruncher is perfect. It has all the podcasts I listen to. I can move my podcasts around the way I want. It’s super easy to use. It just plain works. I have zero complaints. Seriously, thank you to the people who created this wonderful app.

It’s good

Works well, I think it is swell.

Some basic features missing

Decent program but some basic features missing such as being able to search on keyword within a Target podcast. Some podcasts have 200 or even 400 episodes so it’s frustrating to try to find a particular episode by keyword.

Great App

Might go to podcast app.

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