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Better than apple

Solid app.

Geat player

Good stuff

Great app!

Best one I have found

Outdated Interface

Downloaded the app as it was free for the day. Opened it and the main app only is in portrait mode. Also viewing podcasts for potential downloading, only shows the episodes and does not let you view what is in the episode. Immediately went back to the Apple Podcast app.

Better pod player

Would recommend. Everyone should be willing to pay the tech designers and companies who make the stuff we like.


Hi am try app now 🌺


Apple should hire these devs to fix the native Podcasts app.

Good but missing some functions

I mean...I love rearranging the podcasts and it is easy and flexible but there is no sleep timer. -edit- The sleep timer is hard to find. That's an icon typically used for "share". My bad.

Not mature enough. Many podcasts won’t load

Many of the podcasts won’t load including Ted Talk business The smart passive income Invested the rule #1 French for beginners Better at English conventions The art of manliness Live awake Freakonimics Beyond the to do list and many more. Even not having one of them is a big turn off. Many podcasts that are available on itunes and other apps are not even available when you search for them, like Block Zero and many more. There’s no way to add an individual episode to a playlist, you have to subscribe to the whole podcast just to listen one or two episodes. And there’s no option for smart speed or the like. No way to favorite one or more episodes to find and listen them later. Honestly more like an MVP than a mature product.

Great App!!

This app has many many choices of interest for me I’ve been using it for a couple years now and love it

Worth every penny!

I love PodCruncher! It’s easy to use and I can access all the podcasts I’m interested in. Two thumbs up!

Essential Daily Tool!

Awesome! Way better than stock app. Easy and intuitive to manage podcasts, make smart playlists and play them back at high speed, plus saves preferred speed per podcast. But I will agree with others that a quicker way to peruse show notes would be a welcome improvement.

Dependable and Easy

I’ve downloaded many other, but I keep coming back to PodCruncher every time.

Great app

I have been using this app for at least 3 years. Never had a problem. MUCH better than the apple ones or few others I tried. Worth every penny.

Needs bug fixes

Recent updates after iOS 11 have made me a believer in this product once more but it still crashes and flakes out at times

The Best podcast player available

Stable and plenty of options

Love this app

Although the Apple Podcast app has improved, this app is still miles ahead in its UI, and intuitiveness

Podcruncher Does The Trick

I use podcruncher to listen to my podcasts literally every day. It could not be any easier.

Good 🙂📱🎧🎼

I like to listen to the podcasts in the background and this app does it well. I like it and would recommend to others. 👍🏻

Nice Podcast App

Awesome app. It really is a premier podcast app. It’s layout is ideal and beautiful. The only thing I would improve is showing information about the podcasts on the page and making the show descriptions more easily accessible but good job!

Love this App!!

I really find this app to be very useful and configurable to meet all my podcast needs. I hope there is an update in the near future as I'd like to see what could be next. I find this really makes keeping the podcasts organized is fantastic. I might like an ability to group podcasts on the main view, though I suppose I could create a playlist that would group them. Also it would be nice to be able to search the podcasts in my list for key words found in titles, show notes etc. GREAT APP!

Simple and powerful

Been using it with no complaints for years.

Visually compact and easily navigable

This is the podcast app I’ve been looking for after Apple redesigned their app for iOS 10. There’s little point in promoting one app by only criticizing another, so let’s discuss the merits of PodCruncher as compared to Apple’s native app. These are the three most significant features PodCruncher offers vs the native iOS app: Visually compact. This was my most sought-after feature. A small icon with the title in text is all I want. Same goes for browsing episodes within a podcast. I don’t want to be limited to seeing only 6 podcasts on a screen to display the podcasts’ big title graphics. Usability #1. A hamburger icon next to each episode gives easy access to the functions I need: download, add to a playlist, play now, view show notes. Usability #2: Easily access playlists from the bottom toolbar. Create and manage custom playlists. Yaaaas! I thought Apple had done away with playlists in their iOS 10+ app. They sort of did. They were replaced with “Up Next,” and I had to google the multi-step process for accessing that playlist (scroll up while playing an Up Next episode. PodCruncher has none of that nonsense. Bonus #4: browsing for new podcasts by subject and searching by title, author, and country is also very convenient and nicely implemented. Thank you for keeping it simple and functional, and stepping up where Apple really missed mark!

Best Pod App out there

User friendly and keeps podcasts well organized.


No complaints, does what it says, blows away apple app completely. Keep up the good work!

Fast and flexible app

The only podcast app that works on my iPhone4 while i get my replacement phone. This app has a lot of flexibility in the settings that i'm used to in other apps, and its very resource light on the system.

Best Podcast App!

Powerful and efficient! I am now listening to a lot more podcasts with less effort than before using the stock app. Easy to discover new topics of interest! Very intuitive to use. Highly recommended!

I love it!

Works very well. All my favorite podcasts in one place. Thanks a lot. A five stars app. Keep up the good work.

All in one

Very good app - provide all information, good organized. Enjoying to use it.

This app is great but..

I don’t know why the KR podcasts cannot be accessible. (Some are okay but most of them are not accessible. ) I may have to use English podcasts only for now....

Still the best podcast player for iOS

I use and enjoy PodCruncher almost since its first release listening and playing podcasts daily. Nothing works or designed better and features with improvements keep coming - thank you for up keeping and growing this app into real podcast powerhouse!

needs work, and more frequently

the app has potential but it’s not able to be usable for me because the developers place the downloaded files on your phone in a location that isn’t reachable by the user outside the app, nor is backed up by itunes/icloud. So it’s impossible to retain files downloaded onto another phone you get, onto your computer, etc. They need some backend housekeeping to have the files accessible to backups, and show up in apples cumbersome “itunes filesharing” so you’re not left with no episodes. (Many podcasts only put the last dozen or so episodes, making you not able to redownload them because this apps poor, anti-user idea of how to store the files.) apples app, for instance, has the episodes all show up and be copied over like pictures when plugged into computer, or can by simply transferred into the computers itunes library via itunes, and can be backed up and restored to your phone (like if you get another phone or are having issues and want/need to perform a “restore”) secondly, some interface annoyances. there’s no playback order control, to play “oldest to newest” type setup. So podcasts that are a “series” will play backwards, that is, newest to oldest. So for example, if you start listening to one say from the other week, when the episode ends, it won’t play the “next” one, but the prior one. Another issue is cumbersome navigation interface, like no memory history of where you’re at, so when you leave and come back, you’re where you were. There’s no “back button” when you leave a place to be able to go back. Great example is if you’re in a particular podcast, and you tap downloads, you can’t go back to the podcast you were on and rather have to re-navigate your way back to where you were. Annoying! Combine all that with other issues with the fact that this app is so rarely updated, that it’s close to being considered abandonware. Check out the apps update history for evidence.

This is great

I am amazed how much better this is than the Apple app

Playing one episode at a time

5 stars now that the pod cruncher app lets you just play one episode without skipping to the next


It’s nice to see an update after over 3 years just to support the iPhone X but they should have also added a feature that would sync the data from the old phone to the new one...

Best podcasting app

I'd say this is better than the one that comes on iOS 10 I only wish it had provisions for logging in and getting the paid podcasts as some places give some free but there are some you have to pay for and get a subscription in order to listen. The only way to access it is from a webpage and a lot of applications will not let you transfer that link into your application I don't know why. They used to be one for iOS 6 but it's no longer available. That said I never thought I would say that a third-party app had a better interface than something Apple created but somehow Apple has gone downhill when it comes to abiding by the HIG it's really sad to see. Also this will no longer do the Clyde Lewis show from Ground Zero media because there's something wrong with the RSS feed and I hope people who created this app will fix it.


Love this thing. Been using for several years never had an issue. Thanks!


This is the only podcasting app I’ve found that has an easy continuous play function that doesn’t require additional configuration. It also has the ability to add URLs for custom podcast feed. The fact that it incorporates both of these features so seamlessly makes it above every other podcasting app on the store.

No one at the helm.

I’ve been using PodCruncher for a few years now, and I’ve been mildly happy. It’s not without its issues but it, in tandem with some other podcast apps mostly took care of my needs. Well, now I’m tired of switching apps to play different shows and wanted to consolidate all my favorite podcasts into one app. I emailed “obsessive coders” three times to ask about importing podcasts that I pay for and heard nothing back. Their Twitter hasn’t been used since 2015. Is this app dying?

Best podcast app I've found, but still has some issues

Pod cruncher is an excellent RSS-based podcast app. Good things: * Playback options include multiple speeds * Fairly easy to add and search for new podcasts * Easy to export and import podcasts to other apps Issues: * Crashes fairly often when opening show notes or new episodes (but never during playback which would be way more annoying). Sometimes need to restart a download that was running when it crashed. * Very rarely, the player's metadata can become corrupted. Only fix is to export list of podcasts, then wipe and reinstall the app. * Feature requests: I wish it were possible to sort episodes by the date/time they were actually downloaded rather than the creation time as deckared by the podcast creator (which can be in a different time zone, or simply wrong). I'd also like to be able to group my podcasts into custom categories.

Better than Apple Podcasts App

PodCruncher is my favorite podcast app!!! After the iOS 11 update made the Apple Podcast App pretty much unusable or at least not pleasant to use. I was very happy to find PodCruncher; easy, clean, enjoyable. I love it! Best $ spent on an app!

Just what I was looking for.

I switch from android phone to an iPhone and wanted to find a podcast app that was not apples. This app does everything that I needed to do and I love it :-) I recommend it highly to anyone who is wanting a great podcast app.

Crashes/freezes all the time.

I used to never have any problems, but now it constantly freezes.

Better than Apple Podcasts

Very user friendly. Love having ability to jump back when I miss a word.

Pleasure to use, thoughtfully designed

I listen to a lot of podcasts and have been using PodCruncher every day for years. It is a pleasure to use, because it is so reliable, thoughtfully designed, and it contains so many useful features. Other podcast apps are clunky, bloated with unnecessary large graphics, are not intuitive to use, and are often missing what I consider to be basic features. PodCruncher is perfect for my needs.

Good app

Solid app, The Best Easy to use best smart playlist feature.

Some major things lacking

There is no sleep timer In the list of episodes of podcasts you can’t tell which one is currently actively playing

Great podcasting app

I love this app because it’s very simple to use, ad free, and stays in the background. I love that this app has multiple playback speed options and sleep timer features. My only complain is that it doesn’t seem to get updated often, but what’s there is pretty stable.

A broken mess

Notifications don’t work. Many older episodes give me a “load error.” This app used to be great but, unfortunately, over time has become a broken mess. I’m jumping ship to a different app.

My favorite podcast app

I like to listen to my podcasts in the order that they were published, and I have been searching near and far for an app that does that while going from one podcast to another. The smart playlists let me do exactly that! The only feature I wish was slightly different is the Play Mode - Continuous/Stop at end of episode. I wish the Sleep Timer included a “Stop at end” option so that I wouldn’t have to go back to the options every night when I listen to my last podcast, and then again in the morning to set it back to Continuous. Otherwise, it’s great.


Best podcaster I've found.

A Must Have!

For years I have been using the Apple Podcast App, it is okay but you are not able to make playlists. This app is so great in allowing playlists, and a on the go generated list for your liking. It has absolutely everything I need and my whole family uses it. Pod Cruncher is certainly worth your buck!!!

C'mon landscape list! But still my favorite

Usage: Daily Pros: Gits 'er done just fine. Cons: Not enough landscape viewing. Reqs: landscape, "dark" scheme available throughout app.

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